Auckland College of Tertiary Studies (ACTS)

Auckland College of Tertiary Studies (ACTS) believes in the importance of building towards the future through specialised education and collaborative courses that help carve out a path for both our students and industry partners to thrive. Delivering blended learning by the most qualified instructors and of New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) standards, the college commits to constantly developing frameworks and innovating methodologies that add value to our community.

Built from the ground up, we make it our goal at Auckland College of Tertiary Studies (ACTS) to push students coming from all over the world towards reaching their full potential. We thrive when our students succeed; and we succeed when our students thrive. With our courses available on offer, our students can take advantage of learning opportunities while embracing the Kiwi culture and lifestyle.

Private Education Institution Built to Train and
Equip Students Towards a Thriving Future

We are a privately owned and operated training company in New Zealand with the clear-cut objective to provide top notch education accessible to students all over the world. We deliver training courses conducted by our team of highly-qualified instructors that adhere to the best industry practices and NZQA standards. We commit to constantly developing frameworks and innovating methodologies that add value to our students.

Who We Are

When COVID-19 shook the world, nobody has quite accurately predicted its global impact. But it was also at the height of this pandemic that a Kiwi owned and operated company, CC Group, saw a welcome opportunity to expand from their 30 years of experience in the building and property maintenance industry and be now part of the education sector.

Driven by a mission of molding minds and shaping the future of those with a love for learning, Auckland College of Tertiary Studies (ACTS) was birthed. We believe in offering top notch education to students from all over the world where they can come and immerse themselves in such a diverse and culturally-inclusive country such as the land of the long white cloud, New Zealand.

Our Partners

We closely work with these following companies/education agents to deliver an outstanding and holistic quality education in New Zealand: